Who doesn’t love payday? Efficient, digital customer payment keeps projects and your business on track. But if you’re still relying on paper checks over digital payment, you’re losing valuable time. We’ve teamed up with CardConnect to provide you these digital payment tips and learn why the most efficient, successful contracting businesses skip the paper and use digital credit card or ACH payments.

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  2. Integrate payment into your existing sales process Funnel

It’s simple: streamlined and organized processes create more time and more money. Collecting payment via credit card or ACH in the SAME platform you keep customer information and build estimates means less time jumping from one place to another. It also means no extra work to keep track of who’s paid and who hasn’t and no hunting down checks. You’ll be paid in less time with less effort.

  1. Payment flexibility 

Collect and process payments from anywhere. Whether you’re meeting in person with your customer, having a virtual appointment hundreds of miles apart, or something in between, digital payment collection gives the ultimate flexibility. Especially with the rise in virtual selling, digital payment acceptance kind of comes with the territory. Swipe a card with a dongle or manually enter information to run the card in seconds. Also, make it easy for the customer to pay you in “cash” using ACH as a payment option. Customers can mix and match as they see fit. We’ve got you covered regardless of how your customer wants to pay for their project.

Protect your customers (and you!)Multiple-payment-gateways2

Offering digital payment options like ACH or credit cards also comes with the benefit of added security. Your customer gets the peace of mind of the consumer protections that come with their credit card while you can rest easy knowing their information is secure and not floating around wherever on a handwritten piece of paper. Both you and your homeowner can rest assured you’re both protected. You’re going to get paid for the job and they can do so securely – WIN-WIN.  

  1. Meet customer expectations couple paying

Being able to offer digital payment options is considered table stakes. Customers expect an easy payment, and writing a check can feel outdated, clunky, and inconvenient—especially to millennials, who are taking over a growing share of the homeowner market and might not even own a checkbook. An easy payment experience that seamlessly takes you from measurement to estimate to agreement and payment is set to impress your homeowner big time. Asking for a paper check after you’ve done a killer presentation and sales job with them is a little lackluster.

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